Send me your tired, your non-working, your hungry, your wicked and your DOA radio gear, and I will try to setup a station that actually works....

This concept is really great, but the reality of it is, i have nothing here but junk, that other people didnt want, or couldnt fix, so they dumped it on me. And of course, dumb old theron was the first to raise his hand, when asked if anyone wanted this junk. When am I going to learn, for crying out loud. I dont have one single radio here, that doesnt have one problem or another, and yet I keep trying to make this crap work. I beleive that is the definition of insanity ? trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.
 What is really sad, is that the one decent radio i did have, i had to sell to get into this place, and as it turns out, I probably wont be getting it back at all. That is the real kicker. Oh well I guess, live and learn. Or buy a manual and learn how to fix this crap....lol
 Ok, thats enough whining for today.