Hygain TH3 jr tri band beam

 Well, finally have the antenna all put together, and buttoned down tight. The SWR's are looking good still, right around the 2:1 range for the desired portions of all three bands. I am hoping that when i raise the antenna up to the 30ft level, that they will drop, as is the case most of the time. The next step will be to find a rotor that I can use with the antenna, and controller. i have a few around here i will have to dig out of the boxes. Until then, i will just have to stongarm the antenna, and guess what direction it is pointing. I really should find a compass somewhere, so i can beam the antenna in the direction that I need at any time. I am getting really anxious to put this thing up. I did use it on 20M today, with the antenna at the 5 ft level, and worked an E71 station in Bosnia. I thought that was pretty cool. Hope to put it up tomorrow, and if I dont fall off the roof, I will post pics later in the evening. 73