Field day

This year, i will be doing field day from the house here in Joyce. We will be running on Battery power, using the ford van and dodge pickup as Generators. Also hope to stand up some temporary antenna's, just to make it more realistic. I will not be doing field day with the local club this year. They have a lack of motivation for pounding out as many contacts, and even less motivation for morse code. I am currently not a member of the club here, for not paying the annual due's of 20.00. I lack motivation to go into town to pay these as well. I also do not like the festive attitude most of them take towards field day, seeing it as more of a get together, than an emergency event.
 I plan on starting tomorrow morning at 11am, to make my antenna systems from scratch, and setup radio gear. I have not cut one piece of wire yet. I am going to do this as a real test of emergency communications. If their had been a real storm, and power was out, and all my antenna systems were blown down in the storm, and both highways were cut off from town. We will see how well it goes. Wish me luck.