WPX contest

 WOW, the solar activity has been through the roof, which of course has ruined any chance of getting a decent score in the WPX contest this weekend. We have had around 5 CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) events now, with a few being M-class. The Highest frequency for D-layer absorption has hit over 24 MHZ at times, meaning that instead of my signal bouncing around the world like it should, it is just being absorbed instead, resulting in very few DX (distant stations) contacts. Most of my 200 contacts have been stateside at this point. I think i count about 45 DX contacts altogether. Very frustrating, considering just a few days ago, when I was setting things up, and testing the station, I was making 70-80 DX contacts an hour. Now im lucky to make 30, and most of those have been stateside. I am going to be monitoring the bands, listening for good stations, but my full blown effort to participate is a loss at this time. Maybe if conditions improve (not predicted to) tonight, I can make up for it on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed