WPX Contest weekend

 WOW, all i can say is WOW ! The conditions were horrible all weekend, with very few opening to Europe, and very few JA's worked as well. I did get a few, but not nearly what I expected. Usually during the slow times I can count on the JA's to keep me busy, but not this weekend. Altogether worked abt 10. I did get a few opening to europe, but the signals were really weak and fluttery as well. The surprise to me was working an SS9 (Egypt), that seemed to come from nowhere Sunday afternoon. Other than that, it was one big state QSO party here, with lots of stateside op's. After staying up Friday night, I decided to pack in doing a serious effort, and just scanned the bands, Searching and pouncing on the good DX stations
 I also hoped to work some good DX on 80M, with the new vertical I had put up last week, but conditions prevented working anything other than stateside.