Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rant for the day

working on a Hallicrafters S85 recently. had to replace the power cord, which was fairly straightforward. Ran all the tubes thru the checker, and they all show good, which leaves a bad capacitor somewhere. Next step is to check all the voltages on the tube sockets against the manual, to find out where the problem may be. Still on the hunt for a manual that shows what the voltages should be. The copy I did find, is blurry on that page, no matter what I do to try to clean up the image, the voltages are unreadable..GRRRRRR
On another note, been following the Mariners baseball team, on KONP. Using the Hammarlund HQ-150 to receive KONP, which works very well. The radio may be just a bit TOO sensitive though, because I also pick up stations from all over the country on the same frequency (1450 AM). Will have to work on that. since I am now living abt 3 miles west of Joyce, out on hwy 112, it is hard to get KONP anyway. I am in the fringe area, as they call it. They are also limited to 1KW, which dampers their signal even more. As a FCC licensed amateur radio operator, I can legally run 1.5KW. So basically, that means I am putting out MORE power than the local AM broadcast band radio station. Now if i could just put up a 100ft tower, i'd really be stylin.....