Hallicrafters S85

                                          Hallicrafters S-85

was able to use the Hallicrafters S-85 tonight, to listen to the Mariners game on the AM broadcast band. Listened to a station up in Bellingham, that was broadcasting the game against the Cleveland Indians. From what I listened too, it was a beating for the Mariners. By the 4th inning it was 8-0 Indians. After that, I switched to the 40M band, CW portion, and was copying a LOT of signals. Very nice stable receiver, in either AM or CW mode. After learning how the AF-gain and RF-gain work together, i was copying stations from all over the world. The Hallicrafters is a very nice radio, with good stability, and sensitivity. The only drawback is their is no selectivity, for ham radio use. I was unable to filter enough of the incoming signals to be able to copy any one station at a time. If the band is crowded, you cant filter the adjacent signals, therefore causing interference to the desired signal.