Solar D-layer absorption

This is what I woke up too this morning. Not exactly sure how it will effect the ham radio bands, but i guess i am going to find out. I started to follow the Sun data back in 2009, during the Solar minimum, when the data was still pretty boring. For the first time I am now seeing data that is exciting. The hard part is piecing it all together, to see just how it can enhance my radio experience. The SFI is currently at 143, and the SSN is at 118. Never seen that before either. We have also been having a large number of M and X class flares. Here is the current this morning.
Pretty exciting stuff. Right now the red line is just hanging in the M-class region. Does that mean a REALLY big M-class flare ? Guess I will just have to wait and see what the solar activity is going to do. Let's hope this isn't a prelude to 2012.