New (OLD) radio gear

Picked up the Radio that a guy had sitting on his bench in the garage. He had it for a while, and i am assuming that he gave it away after he couldn't figure out how to make it work. When I had first talked to him, he had said it was a Heathkit HW-101. When I got to his house to pick it up yesterday, it turned out to be a Heathkit SB-300. Not complaining by any means though, as I need a good receiver. The HQ-150 is starting to act up, and needs to be put back on the bench. The HQ-150 is also the best receiver I have right now, so it is in daily use. When I dug into the SB-300, I found a bad tube in the RF amp section of the radio. The tube is cracked at the base, and has a white cloud at the top of it. That usually indicates a problem. I hope to pickup the 6BZ6 tube that I need today. I have several sources, and will see what I can do.
More pics to come later.