Heathkit DX-100

Finally got started on the Heathkit DX-100 yesterday. Cleaning up the chassis, and testing all the tubes. I have one already that is definiltely going to need replacing. The glass has come aprt at the base, which is NOT good at all. Also need to figure out a way to test all the Capacitors, and walk up the voltage up nice and slowly. If you power up a radio that hasnt been turned on in a long time, the voltage rush can start popping these older components. The best way to do this is with a VariAC (Variable AC) P/S, so you can bring it up to 120V over a few days. I do not have one, so I use a lightbulb and socket, and put the radio power inline with the lightbulb socket, and every day you just change the lightbulb to a smalle rvalue, giving the radio a bit more power. If you have a 100W LB inline, that means that the radio only gets 20W. Get it ??? LOL
Other than that, been fighting some heartburn since last night. Came on abt 8pm or so, and hasnt gone away yet.