Busy busy busy

Sorry haven't been around the last few days. been working on the boatanchors, and running into some stumbling blocks. The Heathkit SB-300 was working like a champ, except for a few minor things, like cleaning up the switches, and the chassis. I had it running for a few days, and when I turned it off at lunchtime one day, it decided to quit working. Now all I get is a loud buzz from it, and it pops the fuse....GRRRR. Been posting on a few of the radio reflectors, and getting some idea's on which way to go with it, but it looks like it is going to be on the bench for at least a couple more days. I had really hoped to start using the SB-300, so I could take my Hammarlund HQ-150 out of the lineup, and give it some service as well.
Oh well, the day is still young, and lots to do today.