Boatanchor station

just got all my radio gear setup in my radio room, and have the boatanchor station setup as well. It really is a lot of fun working the world using gear from the 40's and 50's, and I enjoy the challenge. I am still getting used to this Vibroplex bug, so my CW is still a little sloppy.
here in the next week or two, i will be getting a heathkit HW-101, and a DX-100 to add to my collection. Can not wait to hook those up and work Morse code with them. I also need to get my Heathkit TX-1 and RX-1 from the technician. They are a matched set of transmitter/ receiver from the mid 50's also. They are in great shape cosmetically, but the transmitter has problem, and keeps eating fuses for some reason. Very exciting stuff. I have also been tossing the idea of setting up a tube station for field day this year, in june. Have to work out the details with another local ham radio operator in the area, way more knowledgeable than me, in these types of radios. What a blast that would be.
Hope you enjoy reading this, and be sure to leave comments. Even if ya just want to say how full'a crap I am...LOL