Hello radio world

Hello to all, this is my first Blog entry on this sight. The name is Don, and the QTH is port angeles, wa state. I am an avid DX chaser, which I spend a good portion of my time chasing. I alos enjoy building antenna's. I just recently picked up an antenna analyzer, so my knowledge of antenna's should improve, as well as my signal.
My best DX contact (in my opinion) would be working Japan on 10M, at the bottom of the sunspot cycle. Japan is an easy shot from the West coast of the U.S.A, but to work them on 28.400MHZ, with 25W at the sunspot minimum is no easy feat. I have also worked most parts of the world, the hardest area being the Middle east countries. For some reason I have a real hard time getting into that part of the world. I am now concentrating my efforts to working the Indian ocean as well. I will try to blog here at least once a week to keep you up to date as to what is happening in my part of the world, as well as what is on the radio. 73 Tu and gud DX de W7DTG