Ham radio fun

Finally got my Antenna analyzer back today. Sure did miss it. Been learning all sorts of cool stuff. I now have my Hygain 12AVQ just jumping out and grabbing the signals. Working really well. I cureently have it ground mounted, with 6 20ft radials spread out around it, and a 4ft ground rod connected directly to the base of the antenna. The antenna is mounted on a really short piece of aluminuim, only abt 2 ft in length. So I added the ground rod to ensure a good ground connection.
Another cool thing that can be done witt the antenna analyzer is to load up a tuner for a certain frequency, without causing QRM. I am going to be checking coaxial line losses next, and learning how the losses can affect a RF signal. There are all sorts of neat things that can be done with it. I am just scratching the surface as to the different uses for this device.
Guess im just having WAY too much fun with this thing........